The Very Basics of Tantra!

The practice of Tantra techniques allows for a series of special positions, exercises and massages to be applied to the art of making love. These in turn allow the participants to experience sex, not just search for genital pleasure, but as a way to Tantric orgasm, ecstasy and ultimately, spiritual sexuality.

The practice of tantric lovemaking techniques will open the doors to the experience of spiritual sexuality. Through massage, tantric positions and exercises for a full sex, you can feel a special kind of magic love and bonding with your partner, which is only able to be experienced through Tantra, the art of conscious love.

From the key points of tantric sex, you and your partner will learn how to become gods of love through sex. Put into question the genital pleasure versus the tantric orgasm and you will start the path you’ll need to follow in order to achieve maximum pleasure during sex.

There may come a day when you or your partner are encouraged to suggest tantric sex and you need to be prepared for it. First of all, note that the tantric breathing is essential in the practice of tantric exercises to delay ejaculation. Indeed, these are probably the most essential components of an erotic tantric session, and we will definitely explore them in subsequent articles.

There are strong reasons to practice tantric sex. In principle, many tantric habits are able to awaken the desire and multiply the pleasure for both people. Moreover, the practice of Tantra increases libido, from different levels, prior to intercourse.

Tantra comes in many ways, shapes and forms. There’s sexy massages, body to body massages, lingam massages and many others that can make wonders for your sexual repertoire. And even though our specialisation are trantric massages in London, the ways in which our girls can please you are nearly endless. Make sure to take a look at our other pages and keep an eye on this blog for more info!