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Tantric Massage Parlour London – Arousing The Art Of “Tantra”

For numerous years altogether, tantric massage has gained popularity amongst several individuals who seek Tantra to be a part of their lives for their well being and inner peace.

We, at Outcall Massage London have strived to offer the best in-call and out-call massage therapies in London for years altogether. We have multiple massage centres all over Central London helping out with modern and innovative methods of Tantric massage. People make wrong assumptions on such massage therapies where people aren’t aware of the positive side. To debar such myths, here are a few questions answered that justifies the positive effects of tantric massage on one’s body.

How did “Tantric Massage” originate?
“Tantra” is taken from the Sanskrit language and it means controlling one’s sexual energy that helps in dealing with emotional and physical trauma. For numerous years altogether, it has been an effective means for enhancing the inner self as well as guiding the spiritual wellbeing. Tantric massage helped out by us is a lot more sensuous and rejuvenating when compared to the rest.

What would be the duration of the massage?
Amongst the numerous questions asked, this is one of the most important questions that our prospective clients ask us as they aren’t sure about the time taken for the massage. If it is the first time for you, your body will need time to adjust to the massage process which is why we conduct the massage session for at least an hour or so to help you get the feel of how things move ahead.

What will I witness during the massage?
This is an passionate journey where you come to terms with your inner senses. It starts with a cleansing shower often aided with aroma oils to sooth your senses which are succeeded by a combination of exciting and alluring touches by the masseuses. The masseuses use distinctive and original combination of sensually touching the pressure points, along with the exact amount of tantric techniques at the intimate areas of the body.The session is conducted when the both of you are nude and find yourself in the right ambience and environment. The masseuse would massage your body focusing on the intimate areas where you can control the movements as things proceed. During this process, she would make use of her nude body and her hands to help about with a pleasurable experience. This includes sensual and intimate touches while allowing it to tantalise your body while initiating orgasmic vibrations in the body. This rise in sexual energy initiated by an external touch triggers the brain allowing it to release pleasure endorphins while taking you to a world of unadulterated pleasure. You are likely to leave feeling balanced with a relaxed soul and a rejuvenated body.
How do I come prepared for this therapy?
There is nothing that you are to bring along with you. All you need to do is come along with a prepared mind and body and sit back. We have all accessories ready for you while maintaining hygiene. Right from moisturisers to towels, we have it all to ensure the right therapy for you.What oil or lubricant is used in this therapy?
We make use of aromatic oils that are known to bring about pleasure to your senses along with the usage of odourless base oils to ensure that the essence of the aromatic oils seep deep into your body.

Do I have to be clothed or nude?
The concept of a tantric massage is to get rid of all your inner self consciousness. You are expected to be naked where there is no need to be uneasy or having the feeling of discomfort. This is because the masseuses would lead and take you through the processes without having to make you feel out of place.


We are known to be eminent members of the International Institute Tantra, where the head office is based at Jade Lotus in Australia, this is an International global movement.

If you prefer to go on a deeper and a better journey while learning ‘Tantra’ as a profession, we are known to own a team of Europe’s most skilled Tantra Teachers who help out in the best way. This would allow you to have one-to- one private trainings, workshops and courses that is likely to polish your skills in a better way.

For our list of Tantric Massage services, here are a few are listed for your ease but we urge you to contact our reception for better details on our therapies and the offerings that we have for you:

Body to Body Massage
Nude Massage
Four Hand Massage
Nuru Massage
Erotic Out-call Massage
In-call massage services

Why choose us?

At Outcall Massage London, we offer you a range of customised Tantric massages that suits your body needs just rightly. You can make a choice on availing such services in-house or at any alternate venue such as your apartment or a hotel. All our masseuses are trained in helping out with the best massage services while taking you through the experience in the best way without you having to feel any discomfort. Whether you are a novice or an experienced person with tantric massages, they would be happy to take you through the sensual and physical pleasures of life.


We at Outcall Massage London, are known to help out with a very reasonable price structure and are known to be extremely competitive with other organisations offering similar treatments. With Outcall Massage London, you

will always find the personalised massage service that is an experience that is pleasurable as well as delightful while the girls are likely to take great steps to ensure that you are a part of everything that you need complemented by a relaxing and sensual environment. The massage imparted by them is likely to awaken your senses while allowing you to feel rejuvenated and alive.

So you feel you are ready for the sensual ride? Get in touch with us today and watch yourself evolve.

We are known not sell any kind of sexual services where all our masseuses are self employed and are self dependant practitioners. We serve as an agency as well as an advertising platform for them where they do not have to personally deal with phone calls and appointments while allowing them to work the way they want to. All our locations are owned and rented out by the masseuses themselves. They are legally authorised to work in the UK without any legal inhibitions. The services imparted by them are confidential between you and the masseuse while you are paying for the time that they dedicate to you, it could be an Indian head massage or a body to body massage, it is about the time you choose for the validity of your treatment. All treatments that are advertised and put up on this website are to serve your entertainment to know and read and also for information purposes only. Outcall Massage London would not take up any responsibility for the treatments, loss or damage of your belongings, this is between you and the masseuse.